I was once about 300 lbs  my A1C was also approaching dangerous level.  The pain from my overworked knees was at times unbearable. I was taking prescription to make simple walking doable and my DR. suggested walk aids. I made a decision that enough was enough and set out on a new course of action. I started working on adding years to my life and life to my years. I have become a student of any endeavor that I have engaged in and now I am a student of healthier lifestyles men my age and older. Just because we are aging, doesn't mean that we gotta get Old. If changed my destiny so can you and our goal is to help you do just that.

Our Mission

4 Keys to becoming fit
Make A Decision

Nothing begins by happenstance. Either we made a decision to do nothing, which causes us to become less health or we do something.

Getting fit doesn't require us to starve. It's what we eat and when we eat it. 

Rest is when our bodies rejuvenate its' self . That why medical professional will medically induce someone into a coma. Plan your rest.


As we age the benefits strength training, for us are numerous. As we age our muscles begin to elongate and weaken, making it much more difficult for us to do simple everyday task. 





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